4 weeks, 4 days and I go home.

I will return to my palm trees and my car and the beach and in the mornings, I will not have to smell the acrid smell of Russian ass--that is, no metro or that hideous invention called a "Marshrutka" or the trolley or the bus.

My parents are meeting me at the airport, not Phil, since he has to work. I already made plans at the Spa on Key Biscayne for a wax and a haircut. My mother, who is paranoid about odors (I get my paranoia from her) and can smell a bad odor from a mile away, thinks that I should "disinfect" myself somehow before I go into a Spa in the U.S. I told her I'd shower twice before leaving and freshen up in the airport. I may even shower at my aunt's.


I've been getting a lot of work done on my thesis. I landed on a mountain of articles through JSTOR the other day, all of them on polyphony and Bakhtin. I will not say what my thesis is about, since I am very protective of my ideas.

This morning, while cleansing with the Neutrogena cleanser/exfoliator I suddenly became distracted, knowing that, I really should have brought the lemon-enzyme exfoliator from Essensa. Everyday I alternate between the Neutrogena cleanser and the Essensa cleanser, only because this particular system gives me the optimum results. Once a week, usually Fridays (because I do not have to wear make-up at all the next day) I use the Neutrogena "Microderm-Abrasion" kit, which achieves similar results to that of a chemical peel. Three or four days after that, I use my Essensa exfoliator. When I cleanse I first use the cleanser, then I apply Witch Hazel or any other toner (without too much alcohol, or else you may dry out your skin, which causes more blemishes), and then an oil-free SPF-15 moisturizer. Throughout the day, I drink about a Liter or water because water is the only thing that flushes out your system of toxins such as alcohol and certain types of sugars; it is also vital to healthy organ function and I even find it to be very energizing. The first step to fixing one's skin is drinking water.

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