Yours to break or bury

And so he said he'd be there, and I looked at him through dark sunglasses and tried to smile. My head tilted down a bit, and he suddenly became aware of my shyness.

I'm dying to know... He said, with a blush, and so I blushed. And the breeze smelled of fresh weeds and we stared at one another.

He wore dark-denims and a corduroy jacket, and I ordered the chamomile tea.

You know, I have not seen you in a while...how was Florida? He glanced at me up and down. I smoothed my Adec skirt with shaking hands.

It was nice. But to be honest, I couldn't look into his brown eyes and tell him of the boats at sea and the stirred memories and the hopes I threw into the stars, hoping one of them would catch...just one.

Ezra...I heard myself say aloud.

His eyebrows raise, Yes?

I feel my heart wince, Do you sail?

And he chuckled.

aeka at 10:40 a.m.