Lost Generation

Yesterday I committed the Great Purge on my facebook--I got rid of the people whom I neither like nor respect. You know, the waste of space.

Particularly, I got rid of them because ultimately, I cannot bring myself to ever respect them.

This generation has no integrity--neither does it have any self-respect. It's fucking great fun to sit back and yearn to write the next Great American Novel or to paint the next Guernica, yet, we'd trade who we are in the blink of an instant for a chance at hopelessly indulging in a self-delusion, which ultimately, will offer nothing more than a swift kick in the bollocks.

Or perhaps, and this is even more ghastly, this is who we really are. Our foundation is based upon fragile, self-contrived ideals created only to impress.

So let's all make an effort, be as genuine as possible, and remember: life owes you nothing.

aeka at 8:44 a.m.